Seeking Treatment

A list of all enrolled sites and providers that were a part of the Expanded Access Program, along with contact information, can be found here. 

Finding a Treatment Location Near You

If you are a potential donor, please register with a donation center listed in our Donating Plasma Page.

If you are either a potential donor or are seeking treatment, and are trying to locate a hospital that provides convalescent plasma, we provide a link to hospitals that are using convalescent plasma.  The hospitals shown on this map have enrolled patients in the Expanded Access Program of the FDA.*  This map is available on the Mayo Clinic website and we here provide a program that allows you to use that map to find a treating hospital near you.

 *The Mayo Clinic-led expanded access program has discontinued new physician and new patient enrollments. COVID-19 convalescent plasma remains available through emergency use authorization.

Monoclonal Antibody Treatments

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you can find out if you are eligible for Monoclonal Antibody Treatments through  

Use the map below to locate institutions treating patients with convalescent plasma nearest you.

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  • What is Convalescent Plasma Treatment?

    When a person gets infected with a virus, that person’s body produces proteins called antibodies to fight off the virus. Those antibodies continue to circulate in the body well after the person has recovered and no longer has symptoms. These antibodies are present in a fraction of the blood called plasma.

    Plasma is routinely collected from healthy volunteers at blood donation sites for use as a treatment for a variety of diseases and traumas. Plasma donated by a person who was infected by the virus that causes COVID-19 and is fully recovered may contain antibodies that could be used to treat people who are currently infected with the virus.

  • What evidence is there that it will help?

    The use of antibody-rich convalescent plasma to treat or prevent serious infections, has been part of medical practice for more than a hundred years. It was a common treatment for bacterial infections before the discovery of antibiotics. More recently, other infectious diseases such as H1N1 influenza, SARS, and MERS have been treated with convalescent plasma with varying results.

    Small studies without control groups in China during the recent outbreak of COVID-19 there suggest that convalescent plasma improved outcomes. Until randomized trials are completed in the future, however, we will not know for sure that it works and, if it does, in what circumstances, and for whom.

  • Where is this treatment available?

    The FDA has designated COVID-19 convalescent plasma as a treatment that can be used in very severe COVID-19 disease. Groups of doctors and scientists are currently working to make this treatment available in the U.S. Please visit the FDA webpage to learn more. If you are interested in receiving convalescent plasma treatment, talk to your healthcare provider.

  • Where can I find more information?